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We have bad news for all users out there. Unfortunately, we’re discontinuing the service.

We gave it our best shot with a great team and had a great time building a service we love.

There’s still a chance that we’ll be back.

We’re sorry for causing possible inconveniences.


Just drop us a line if you have any questions:


Your and FanCaptain TeamREAD MORE

Introducing: The All New FanCaptain Web App

March 11, 2014 - Posted in Uncategorized Posted by:

Faster, Easier to Use and Tablet-Optimized

In the last couple of weeks we’ve radically enhanced our FanCaptain web application. Our goal is to create a reliable working environment with which you can optimally work and reach your goals in the fastest and easiest possible way. That’s why you’ll see that we’ve set a clear focus on the workspace and its content.… READ MORE

Get Insights on Your True Multipliers and Influencers on Facebook

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How to Identify and Enhance your Superfans

Your multipliers and influencers are a little bit like Bigfoot. We all know they exist, some may have stumbled upon one of them by accident already, but we can’t say for sure where they are, who they are and what they do. Until now.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve carefully crafted an algorithm that analyzes your Facebook fans behavior in terms of virality and engagement.… READ MORE

Meet the Fan Growth Report

December 3, 2013 - Posted in Tutorial Posted by:

After my last tutorial on the snapshot report it’s about time to show you our second reporting type – the fan growth report. To get to the report, simply click on the “Analytics” tab on the left side of the app. Afterwards you can use the drop down menu within our reporting filter to get to the fan growth report:

FanCaptain Fan Growth ReportWith the reporting filter you can also adjust, which Facebook profile you want to analyze as well as the desired timeframe.… READ MORE

The Snapshot Report in Detail

November 28, 2013 - Posted in Tutorial Posted by:

As already announced in my last blog post, I will show you both of our report types in more detail. Today we start off with the snapshot report, which has the purpose, to show you the whole structure of your fans an audience at one glimpse. To get to the report, simply click on the “Analytics” tab on the left side of the app. With the reporting filter on the right side, you can select a specific Facebook profile and also a timeframe for the snapshot report:

FanCaptain Snapshot Total

As you can see, we seperate users within the report into “Fans” and “Audience”.… READ MORE

FanCaptain Tutorial: How to Use the FanCaptain Reporting Filter

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After having shown you in our previous tutorials how to connect your social media profiles and how to mak a post, this time I will reveal how to use the FanCaptain reporting filter. In fact it only takes 3 steps, so here we go:

1. Select the report type

Go to the “Analytics” menu via clicking on the according tab on the left side. After that, our snapshot report automatically opens up, where you can see all important figures at one glimpse.… READ MORE